Lunch break conversation during a vaccination shift

An excerpt from small talk at work


Colleague: Are you new over here?

Me: No I’m the medical backup for the vaccinations that are taking place. I’m here to help in the case something bad happens.

Colleague: Yes, you need a doctor for that of course. I’ve applied for the Janssen vaccination but I didn’t hear anything yet from my family doctor. I’m above 60.

Me: Oh wow. That’s strange…

Colleague: Yes but a time ago I refused AstraZeneca. I don’t want that.

Me: Mhm…

Colleague: I’m seeing young people around me that get vaccinated and I’m 63 years old. I also registered at the RIVM (Dutch national health preventive medicine) for a Pfeizzer vaccine. My family doctor said that he would put me on a list. If there are enough people on the list I will get a notice.

Me: Hmm ok… There is also a website on which you can register (literally translated “”, a real website) did you know that? It collects refused vaccines. If you see on the map of the website that there is a vaccine available somewhere then you might be allowed to travel to that location and ask for a vaccine.

Colleague: Yes, but that means I will have to travel maybe to Groningen (300 km from where the conversation takes place).

Me: Yes, but you could also be lucky and see a location nearby that has something left.

Colleague: Hmm, yes we’ll see. I’m going to smoke a cigarette…

MD and PhD. Let’s bring health and tech together.

MD and PhD. Let’s bring health and tech together.