List of open-source health apps

Track, monitor and own your health data with these android apps.

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Get measurements from smart scales.
- OpenScale doesn’t send data to the cloud and “not having permission to access the internet is a strong guarantee of that.”
- Support for a number of Bluetooth scales from many manufacturers.
- Allows mailing of data as CSV file.
Creator: Oliexdev
Creation: Dec 7, 2014
Contributors: 130
GitHub Repo:
Stars: 1.1k


Workout trainer.

- Doesn’t require the creation of an account.
- 7 minutes workout plan and beginners training plan.
- Workout reminder.
Creator: Oliexdev
Creation: Apr 19, 2020
Contributors: 5
GitHub Repo:
Stars: 83


Monitor glucose levels.
- Visualization of insulin and carb curves with future predictions.
- Can be used on a variety of smartwatches.
- Adjustable sound alerts for user-specified targets.
- Support for many different data sources.
Creator: NightScout foundation
Created: Nov 9, 2014
Contributors: 67
GitHub Repo:
Stars: 918
Download link:


Artificial Pancreas System
- Enables closed-looping with a wide range of insulin pumps.
- User-adjustable insulin administration algorithms
- Adaptable to different kinds of insulin: rapid-acting, ultra-rapid acting and super rapid-acting (lyumjev).
Creator: Milos Kozak
Creation: May 29, 2016
Contributors: 93
GitHub Repo:
Stars: 309
Download (build yourself):


Find food characteristics
- Database of food products with ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts and other information on food labels.
- 25000+ contributors have added 1,7M+ products from 150 countries.
Creator: Scot Scriven
Creation: May 3, 2015
Contributors: 124
GitHub Repo:
Stars: 634


Monitor your emotional state

- Data is either stored locally on your device or encrypted in your Blockstack Storage.
- Allows different types of trackers.
- Can also be used on a desktop computer.
Creator: Brandon Corbin, podcast link
Creation: 2014
Contributors: 10
GitHub Repo:
Stars: 518


Menstrual cycle tracking app

- Detects your fertility using temperature and symptoms.
- Gender-inclusive.
- Track bleeding, fertility, mood, and more.
Creation: May 27, 2018
Creator: Julia Friesel
Contributors: 20
Github Repo:
Stars: 4

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