Software engineers are improving healthcare behind the curtains


The purpose of this post is to give a glimpse of how young people with diabetes type 1 are implementing new technologies in an unusual way to improve their lives.

What is Diabetes type 1?

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed by the immune…

Tracking changes in Google Spreadsheets with Google Apps Script


Let’s say you’re keeping track of your work progress as a team in Google Spreadsheets. Every individual checks a box or adds a row if work is completed. It would be handy if you could display how much of the total work is completed everyday/hour,how many new orders there are…

Calculating the OPS(Orientation and memory, Practical skills and Social and personal functioning)-score


There are many calculators online that are used to estimate the chance of medical harm due to disease such as risk calculators for thrombosis or mortality calculators for pneumonia. Most of them are made in Javascript and/or HTML. To see if and how Dash and Python can be used for…

An argument for the second “hello word”

Python can extend the power of your brain exponentially through mass data analysis, but getting started with coding can be just as chaotic as entering any community within normal life. There are different versions of the language, different modules to achieve the same thing, different habits for testing and debugging…

Kelvin Kramp

MD and PhD. Let’s bring health and tech together.

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