Software engineers are improving healthcare behind the curtains

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The purpose of this post is to give a glimpse of how young people with diabetes type 1 are implementing new technologies in an unusual way to improve their lives.

What is Diabetes type 1?

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed by the immune…

A tutorial about automation with Python and ReportLab

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The first humans set foot on the moon in 1969. It’s now 2021 and the routine completion of medical forms is still done in some cases with pen and paper…

Let’s take the case of a death declaration. With pen and paper, you have to find the information in different…

Tracking changes in Google Spreadsheets with Google Apps Script


Let’s say you’re keeping track of your work progress as a team in Google Spreadsheets. Every individual checks a box or adds a row if work is completed. It would be handy if you could display how much of the total work is completed everyday/hour,how many new orders there are…

Convert Dash apps into GUIs with Pyinstaller, Selenium and Dash


Instead of uploading your Dash app to a cloud platform for distribution, you might want to transform it into an executable file in windows or on a Mac. …


The OPS score is used to assess driving ability in the elderly. It has been developed and published in 2000 by Frederiec Withaar from the University of Groningen in the article “Divided Attention and Driving, the effects of aging and brain injury”. …

Thoughts of a German genius in a digital world

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Marx his analysis

In my path of becoming code literate, I was reluctant to get into algorithmic trading. I had been mostly confronted with the dark sides of capitalism, so I wasn’t interested. That was until I began to see the results of what I could do with Python in some small projects

An argument for the second “hello word”

Rituals provide structure to our social environment. Photo of Chale Wote, the annual street art festival by Enoch Appiah

Python can extend the power of your brain exponentially through mass data analysis, but getting started with coding can be just as chaotic as entering any community within normal life. There are different versions of the language, different modules to achieve the same thing, different habits for testing and debugging…

Machine learning is a double-edged sword


There has been a lot of controversy about how bias in machine learning portrays social inequalities and how this might affect the outcomes of minority groups (also see this article named “AI is sending people to jail”). To be blunt, I don’t agree. Looking past the headlines that try to…

I couldn’t find a Medium post for this one. There is one by Angelica Dietzel but it’s unfortunately only readable if you have a paid account on Medium. …

A short article review



As you might know from your own experience, or from the experiences of the people around you, medical assessments in the emergency department can take a painfully long time. This post is a short review of the paper Machine learning for developing a prediction model of…

Kelvin Kramp

MD and PhD. Let’s bring health and tech together.

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